Boundless Robotics

Grow Your Own Cannabis

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Boston, MA

Americans spend more than $200 million a day on cannabis.

Notably, more than thirty percent of users — that’s twelve million people — are interested in growing cannabis at home. The catch? They’ll only do it if it’s easy.

That’s where Boundless Robotics enters the picture.

This tech startup is bringing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to the fast-growing cannabis market. It’s created a system that enables anyone to grow cannabis at home. With features including patent-pending lighting technology and advanced AI, this system is what Boundless Robotics calls a “set it and forget it” device for growing cannabis.

This company’s system has been in development for six years. But it’s emerging at an opportune time.

More than seventy-three percent of Americans live in states with legal access to cannabis. Yet as of 2021, only six percent of cannabis users grow their own product. These consumers spend around three billion dollars a year in home supplies — already a sizable amount, but with plenty of room to “grow.”

Boundless Robotics’ system enables easier home growth. Here’s how it works:

From a hardware perspective, there are two pieces. The first is “Annaboto,” the system’s base that looks like a stylish planter. It features an LED display that alerts users to the plant’s status, and has color-coded water levels to ensure plants are being hydrated properly.

The second piece is a lamp/shade, which resembles your typical living room lamp. This lamp provides crucial heat to plants, and has a filter to reduce any odors.

Complementing the physical components is a mobile app. This app provides instructions and acts as a knowledge resource. It also captures necessary plant-related data and enables growers to socialize with others.

All told, Boundless Robotics has created a system that is:

Decentralized: No more going to stores or ordering cannabis through online services.

Frictionless: This system’s AI-based, fully-automated capabilities mean all it takes to grow quality cannabis is adding water.

Flexible: This system is suitable for those who are just getting started with cannabis, or plan to grow extensively.

Customizable: Moving forward, Boundless Robotics plans to offer customized accessories and “skins” which growers can use to give their systems a personal touch.

To get started with Annaboto, customers pay $999 for the system. Then, they can choose from one- or two-year memberships, which enable them to grow between four to six plants a year. The one-year plan is thirty-four dollars a month, and the two-year plan is twenty-nine dollars per month.

Alternatively, those who plan to grow cannabis less frequently can purchase kits a-la-carte for $129 per kit.

Boundless Robotics started developing its system in 2016, the year cannabis became legal in Massachusetts. It’s since been awarded pending patents covering its technology, and raised more than $755,000 from investors.

In 2021, the company was a finalist in MassChallenge Boston startup competition and won the 5th Annual Boston University/Green Lion Partners Cannabis Startup Competition.

While originally developed to grow cannabis, Boundless Robotics’ system enables users to grow other plants, too. But interestingly, growing plants is just Phase 1 of this company’s vision.

Using data it captures in its app, Boundless Robotics aims to build industrial solutions for enterprise and larger customers. Eventually, it aims to become the largest supplier of cannabis growth data and automation solutions for both the home and industrial cannabis markets.

Team Background

Daniel Cookson - Software Architect

Daniel began his career as an engineer with multiple technology companies, including Wearlogic and NL Technology. He then was a senior software architect with Kada Systems, a software development company.

From there, he spent four years as an independent software development contractor, before joining SensAble Technologies, a company focused on 3D-modeling, as a principal engineer.

More recently, Daniel spent six years at Rethink Robotics, working alongside Carl Palme as a senior software engineer and software architect. He then was a software engineer with CPX Security, a company developing security solutions for the Internet of Things.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from MIT.

Carl Palme - Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Boundless Robotics, Carl was Vice President of Product Management with Neural, a software company specializing in AI technology.

Before that, he spent nearly six years with Rethink Robotics, a robotics company focused on the manufacturing industry. While there, he served as a senior product manager and later Director of Product Management.

Earlier in his career, Carl founded Palme Precision Machining, a manufacturing consulting business. He began his career as a manufacturing engineer with Ametek Aerospace.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a Master’s degree in Information Systems, and an MBA from Boston University.

Yaniv Amiri - Application Developer

Yaniv joined Boundless Robotics in February 2021.

Previously, he was a full stack engineer with Piccles, a software development company. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer with Jebbit, a similar software development business.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst and is on track to earn his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University in 2023.