Buy Apple's Stock BEFORE This Date

Elon Musk Has Gone Missing It’s been a week since Elon Musk last interacted on social media. Is he taking a break — or has something sinister happened? Hmm » Robots Are Getting Skin The ability to feel pain still separates humans from robots. But thanks to a recent invention, this…

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You Could Wake Up on Mars Tomorrow

Airbnb Is Giving Away $100,000 to 100 People Considering becoming a host on Airbnb? The company will pay you $100k to make it happen — but there’s a catch » Should Wall Street Get Stoned? Many believe corporate greed is a major problem in America. But there may be a…

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Create a Child with Your Favorite Movie Star

A Priest at Google Says Robot Is Alive A Google employee was suspended after claiming the company’s AI robot had become human. Does his claim have merit? Learn more here » Your Dad Wants a Meat Bouquet Scotch-infused toothpicks. The world’s strongest coffee. A meat bouquet. These are the gifts…

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Summer Reading List: The Secret to Becoming a Billionaire

Ever Leave Your Underwear in an Uber? From a prosthetic leg to a Bernie Sanders fanny pack, riders leave some strange things behind when they take Ubers. See all the weird items in Uber’s Lost & Found here » Underwater City Discovered In the midst of an extreme drought in…

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New Study: Heavy Drinking Leads to a Better Life

A Small Town in Mississippi Is Replacing Hollywood Forget Hollywood. A small town in Mississippi is quickly becoming a movie maker’s most sought-after destination. Learn why here » Sorry, Parents — You’re Wrong About Video Games For years, parents have been telling their kids that playing video games was going…

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[Breaking] A "Secret Society" Discovered Inside the Pentagon

Traveling This Weekend? These “Gas Hacks” Can Save You Money Nearly 40 million Americans will be traveling out of town this weekend. But far fewer will take advantage of these clever “gas hacks.” Will you be one of them? » A Tracking Device Where?!? As you probably know, smartphones can…

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It's Surprisingly Easy to Steal a Tesla

R.I.P. Your Passwords “Big tech” is committed to getting rid of passwords once and for all. So how will you keep your accounts safe? Find out here » A “Doorway” to Aliens? While patrolling the surface of Mars, a NASA rover discovered a shadowy, rectangular opening. Is it a natural…

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A Secret Hack to Prevent Heart Attacks?

The Man Who Tattooed Elon Musk’s Face onto His Body It’s one thing to be a fan of Elon Musk. It’s quite another to get his face tattooed onto your body. Check it out » Did China Just Challenge America? China is building a massive new source for clean energy.…

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Forget Vegas… Get Married in the Metaverse

The Most Popular EV? (Hint: It’s Not a Tesla) At $5,000, this electric vehicle outsells Tesla’s Model 3. But how is it to drive? Find out here » Mother’s Day Gift Guide Thinking about getting your mom some flowers or soap? This year, get her something (on sale) she’ll actually…

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Your 401(k) Just Got More Exciting

Extra Fees Just to Use Your Own Car?!? You already paid extra to get heated seats for your car. So why in the heck would you pay more to use them? A new idea is being talked about in the auto industry. Get the details here » Visit the Metaverse…

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