The Dow is Dead (where to earn BIG returns now)

Corporate earnings are at record highs... Unemployment rates are at record lows... And our administration recently passed a sweeping tax reform. Theoretically, things couldn’t be better — but the stock market is floundering. Since January 1st, the S&P and the Nasdaq are flat… And as of today, the Dow is down…

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Guaranteed Access to "2018's Biggest Biotech IPO"

Investing in biotech companies has made a lot of people very wealthy. And it’s easy to see why: Over the years, shares of big names like Merck have skyrocketed from just a dollar or two to $60 or more. And meanwhile, recent IPOs for young biotech companies like Clovis, Nektar, and…

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Time to Dump Starbucks Stock?

Your Flying Taxi Has Arrived For years, Uber’s been dreaming of a world where taxis could fly. A few days ago, its dream finally arrived. Get your first look right here » From Liking and Poking to Wining and Dining Facebook is getting more social than ever. Earlier this week,…

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What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Investing

Steve Jobs — expert investor? There’s little debate that Jobs was a visionary technologist: He earned that status as the Founder of Apple and movie studio Pixar, and as the creator of everything from the first graphical PC to the iPhone. But as I’ve come to learn, Jobs was also an…

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Three Reasons You HAVE TO Invest in Pre-IPO Companies

For the last twenty years, Wayne and I have been “hooked” on investing in pre-IPO start-ups. We still invest in traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate... But investing in start-ups gives us something extra — something other investments can’t. Part of the “addiction” is the market-beating returns. But there’s…

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Microchip Gives Humans X-Ray Vision

China Caught Stealing Data from Your Brain If you thought Facebook stealing your personal information was invasive, get ready for this: China is mining data straight from people’s brains. Get the scoop right here » J.P. Morgan Says, “Buy Spotify” J.P. Morgan just initiated coverage on Spotify with a buy…

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Earn 5,000% Profits with "The Babe Ruth Effect"

Babe Ruth was a legendary baseball player. Many consider him to be one of the greatest sluggers of all time. And 70 years after his death, he’s still one of the Top 3 home run hitters in history. But Babe Ruth also holds a top record for a different statistic,…

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E*Trade for Startups?

Here’s a riddle for you: What do robots, craft beer, and med-tech devices have in common? Ready for the answer? They’re all made by start-up companies you can invest in right now. But I’m not here today to tell you about beer or robot start-ups… Instead, I’m here to tell…

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New Blockbuster Product: Marijuana Beer

Why Is Amazon Breaking into Cars? Amazon just keeps coming up with new ways to help reduce your daily inconveniences. Now it’s figured out how to keep your deliveries safe. It just needs to get into your car… » “I felt like a snake was slithering down my back!” Ever…

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