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How to Make Money in Crappy Markets

Stocks are getting crushed right now. But surprisingly, a small group of investors is making money — a lot of money. These investors aren’t shorting stocks. And they’re not trading options, either. What they’re doing is far more straightforward. Today, I’ll show you exactly what they’re doing, and I’ll give…

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The "Little Blue Pill" for Your Portfolio

Once upon a time, there was a little blue pill. Originally, it was designed to treat heart disease... But during its initial trials, doctors discovered an intriguing "side effect." Eventually, this side effect became so popular that sales of the little pill reached into the billions of dollars. If you…

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This Friday will be an historic day... The type of day that hasn’t happened since the Great Depression—literally. Unless you were investing back in the ‘20s, you’ve never experienced something like this. You see, the U.S. Government is finally granting you access to a profit opportunity that’s been out of…

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Our Favorite Biotech Trade

Over the past 12 months, biotech’s been booming: In fact, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI) has risen by more than 46%. IPOs have played a big part in that rise... For example, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ: RARE), debuted at $21 and now sits at over $60 per share. That’s a 300% return…

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How to Get Shares BEFORE The IPO

When some people hear the words “Private Equity,” here’s what usually comes to mind:Big risks. Unproven companies. Big potential returns. But today I’ll show you another way to invest in private equity: It still offers big upside potential... But without all the risk. Getting in Early The earlier you invest in a start-up, the…

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100 Pre-IPO Investments, 1 Click

Wayne recently shared a great real-world story… It was about private investors trouncing public investors on the same investment: Investors who bought shares of ReWalk Robotics (NASDAQ: RWLK) at the IPO made 116%. But investors who got in before the IPO made 381%. In another story that might sound familiar, public investors in Facebook lost money…

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