Gourmet Pre-Cooked Meals

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Foodservice, Home Delivery


Marina Del Rey, CA

Crateful is targeting the $20 billion meal delivery market with a unique concept:

Instead of shipping kits that require customers to cook their meals, Crateful delivers pre-made, gourmet dishes. Each dish is made with nutritious ingredients and delivered daily.

According to Time magazine, 130 million people in the U.S. are either overweight or obese.

As a result, as many as 45 million Americans go on diets each year, while 77% of adults actively try to eat healthier.

One attempted solution has been to purchase subscriptions to traditional meal kit delivery services. But many of these services provide only dinners. And all of them require customers to prepare their meals, which is inconvenient.

Crateful provides a solution by delivering pre-made dishes for every meal. For $48 per day, customers receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks sent directly to their home.

With this approach, Crateful helps those trying to lose weight stick with a diet plan by eating prepared, nutritious meals.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Emanuele Ponzo has launched multiple companies in the food industry in Europe. Executive Director Brad Zions formerly co-founded Lemonade Restaurant Group. He served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and helped expand Lemonade to nine locations.

In the last two years, Crateful has generated more than $3 million in revenue. The company has provided catering services for top brands including WeWork, Ferrari, Tesla, and Rolls Royce.

Crateful achieves 45% gross margins on its service, and generates $1,500 in annual revenue per customer. If the company can reach 135,000 customers, it would generate $200 million in revenue.

Team Background

Andre Marotti - Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Emanuele Ponzo - Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Brad Zions - Executive Director