Time to Dump Starbucks Stock?

Your Flying Taxi Has Arrived For years, Uber’s been dreaming of a world where taxis could fly. A few days ago, its dream finally arrived. Get your first look right here » From Liking and Poking to Wining and Dining Facebook is getting more social than ever. Earlier this week,…

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Microchip Gives Humans X-Ray Vision

China Caught Stealing Data from Your Brain If you thought Facebook stealing your personal information was invasive, get ready for this: China is mining data straight from people’s brains. Get the scoop right here » J.P. Morgan Says, “Buy Spotify” J.P. Morgan just initiated coverage on Spotify with a buy…

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New Blockbuster Product: Marijuana Beer

Why Is Amazon Breaking into Cars? Amazon just keeps coming up with new ways to help reduce your daily inconveniences. Now it’s figured out how to keep your deliveries safe. It just needs to get into your car… » “I felt like a snake was slithering down my back!” Ever…

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Warning: This Daily Habit Could Give You Cancer

Would You Drive Across this 3D-Printed Bridge? It spans 40 feet, is made entirely of steel, and has built-in sensors to monitor traffic in real-time. It looks amazing — but would you trust it with your life? » This Simple Device Can Save You from a Shark Attack I saw…

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Plane Drops $368 Million from the Sky

Why Is Google in Your Bathroom? Some say Google’s recent decision to invite itself into your bathroom is horrifying. But this invasion of privacy could actually save your life. To learn why, click here » Guess this $2.3 Billion Sport… A beautiful new multi-million dollar stadium is being constructed in…

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You're Being Watched — and not just by Facebook

[VIDEO] Roller-Skating Robot to the Rescue  Researchers in Zurich have taught a robot how to roller skate. To find out why — and to see how this robot could potentially save millions of lives — click here » “Waiter, There’s Something in My Drink” Printing images onto a sheet of…

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Wow! U.S. Military Declassifies Footage of UFO

Dating by DNA A new start-up is taking an interesting approach to help find your one true love. All you need to do is provide a sample of your DNA. Could your genes lead you to happily-ever-after? » How to Use Sugar as Rocket Fuel “How much sugar would it…

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