Walmart Selling Bitcoin for $1

How Not to Rob a Bank In 1958, Boyne Johnston got away with robbing a bank. 60 years later, he returned to the scene of his crime. Wait until you see why » Now Amazon Delivers Trees You’ve got a couple of choices this holiday season. First, like Clark Griswold…

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Revolutionary Device Fulfills Bible Prophecy

This Technology Can Teach You How to Dance Do you struggle to get your groove on? With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be moving like Michael Jackson in no time. Get the scoop here » This Elevator Takes Nine Days to Reach the Top Even at 125 miles per…

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These Machines Could Take Everything From You

Throw Out Your “Standing” Desk Now… Use This One Instead Work can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why researchers at MIT have designed a desk that senses your stress levels, and then uses technology (and psychology) to calm you down. See it in action here » High-School…

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This Drug Could Help You Win the Lottery

Amazon Giving Away Free “Echo” Speakers Forget fans and mini-fridges — today’s college dorms come equipped with the latest technology gear. Warning: clicking here might make you wish you were back in college » Walmart Partners with 6-Year-Old Entrepreneur On YouTube, an entrepreneur named Ryan draws billions of views for…

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Easy 100% Profits Thanks to Apple's New iCar

11-Year-Old Girl Rigs Election Results It took an 11-year-old girl named Audrey just 10 minutes to hack into Florida’s “secure” website and change the election results. Could rigging a Presidential election be just as easy? Find out how she pulled it off » This Spider Can Perform Surgery on You…

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Breaking: Presidential Assassination Attempt by Drone

Google Is Using Mind Control Google’s artificial intelligence can finish your e-mails, anticipate what you’ll search for, even carry on a conversation. The thing is, all these conveniences are a step toward mind control — and we’ve taken the bait » Golfers Taken Hostage, Kidnappers Demand Bitcoin  Hackers recently infiltrated…

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This Tech Start-up Is Run by 12-Year-Olds

Why You Might Attract the Cops Forget bombs and drugs — these days, police dogs are trained to sniff for something far more common. In fact, you probably have one in your pocket right this second » How Much?! A small object that most of us take for granted just sold…

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Move to this Tiny Town and Get $500 per Month

The World’s First “Floating Country” Imagine living on a tropical island, with no concerns about paying taxes or following the law. If this sounds like a dream come true, you might want to check this out » From $31 Billion to Bankrupt? By enabling ordinary people like us to rent…

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