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Changing How Machines See the World

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Houston, TX

Lolaark Vision is changing the way machines see the world.

It’s a tech company creating software to make photographs, recorded videos, and real-time video easier to view. As Lolaark Vision says, this software isn’t a luxury — it’s the next step in an evolution of live video-stream restoration.

Consider the markets this technology can potentially disrupt:

• The global autonomous-car market is projected to surpass one trillion dollars by 2026.

• Video surveillance is projected to become a $144 billion market by 2027.

• Drones will become a sixty-three-billion-dollar market by 2025.

• And medical imaging is already a sixteen-billion-dollar global market.

Lolaark earns royalties from companies that incorporate its software into their own cameras and products.

The company launched in July 2021. It created a minimum viable product in 2022, and has filed for a provisional patent.

Team Background

Emanuel Papadakis - President and Director

Emanuel has twenty-two years of experience in applied mathematics. His areas of research include image and video processing, computer vision, deep learning, and neuroscience imaging.

In addition to his role with Lolaark Vision, he is a professor at the University of Houston, teaching mathematics. He earned his Ph.D. in the subject from the National Kapodistrian University in Athens, Greece.

Sanat Upadhyay - Vice President and CTO

Sanat is the primary inventor of Lolaark Vision’s technology, which he initially formulated as part of a research project with co-inventor Emanuel Papadakis.

Sanat has more than a decade of research and development experience in applied mathematics, computer science, and software development.

Randy Gagnon - Secretary

Randy is a domain expert in the field of marine operations, a key market Lolaark Vision aims to disrupt.

He is CEO of a company that focuses on underwater ship repair, propeller polishing, hull cleaning, and underwater seal replacement.

In his role, he is an in-house expert and tests Lolaark’s technology in various trials.


$45.295K (8%)
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$19.474 million
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Title III
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  • $340K
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