A Life-Saving Solution to Cardiac Arrest

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Medical Devices & Equipment


Gaithersburg, MD

Roughly 2,000 people die every day from cardiac arrest, including many that receive CPR.

EPR-Technologies has created what it believes to be a life-saving solution. This biomedical company has created a system that isolates the heart, brain, and other vital organs in an emergency. In doing so, it imposes a state of clinical preservation, during which no oxygen delivery is required for as much as three hours. This buys life-saving time to transport a patient to the hospital, or conduct necessary medical intervention.

EPR-Technologies is nearing final approval from the FDA, and clinical trials are ongoing. This includes an eighteen-million-dollar trial funded by the U.S. Army.

Team Background

Lyn Yaffe - Co-Founder & CEO
Thomas Hardiman - Executive Vice President