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Get Rich With Just $100?

Several weeks ago, I caught a game with some buddies at Yankee Stadium. After buying tickets, some BBQ from Brother Jimmy’s, and a few rounds of Buds, we spent about $100 each. The Yankees won and we had a blast. Back in the office early the next morning, I reviewed…

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A Look Behind The Profit Curtain

For the last few weeks, we’ve been showing you how early-stage investing can lead to extraordinary financial returns... Early investors in Uber, for example, made 40,000% in just two years. But we also explained that you can’t expect every investment to be like Uber… To protect your downside and set…

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Understanding Title II & Title III of the JOBS Act

The JOBS Act is a set of laws passed by Congress in 2012. Effectively, these laws relax the restrictions around how individual investors like you can invest in private, early-stage companies. There are two major pieces to the JOBS Act: There’s Title II, and there’s Title III. Title II went…

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Venture Capitalism in a Nutshell

A Venture Capitalist (or, VC for short) is a professional investor that manages a venture fund. These funds are similar to Mutual Funds, but instead of investing in stocks, they invest in privately-held start-up companies. In exchange for investing in these start-ups before they become proven businesses, venture capitalists can…

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The JOBS Act [Video]

Back in 2012, in an effort to create jobs, Congress passed an important bill. Officially, it was called the House of Representatives Bill H.R. 3606. But nowadays, it’s known as The JOBS Act. Simply put, the JOBS Act makes it easier for promising new businesses to raise capital from investors…

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