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[Photos] NSA’s Spy Hub in NYC

Google Glass is Baaaack Remember those wearable glasses from Google? The ones that never caught on because they were super weird looking? Lucky you: a new version of them is coming—but this time they’ll be from Apple. See you there » Domino’s Delivers By Drone A couple from New Zealand…

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Start-up Helps Contractor Become Overnight Millionaire

Peter Thiel Discovers Real-World Fountain of Youth Thiel, the PayPal founder and famous venture capitalist, believes he’s discovered the secret to eternal life: transfusions. Look out—this could get bloody » Saved by a Tesla With all the recent press about Tesla’s “auto-pilot” technology leading to crashes and deaths, here’s a…

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Read This or Go Broke

As Matt explained yesterday, we spent the past year sitting down with some of the world’s most successful early-stage investors. These folks have made fortunes backing private companies. But let’s be clear: they didn’t reap these rewards without taking on risk. So one of the critical concepts we researched was how they handled…

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