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Making Profits in Peoria

Have you ever heard the expression, “Will it play in Peoria?” It’s a figure of speech that dates back to the vaudeville era. Today, in the business world, if a new product idea “plays in Peoria,” that means it will appeal to the average American consumer. As it turns out,…

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My #1 Rule for "Lucky" Investing

My business partner Howard Lindzon just posted a fascinating article (I’ll link to it below)… Howard’s a very successful investor, and in his post, he explores a question that he (and almost every other successful investor) gets asked often: What’s the key to your success: skill or luck? And more…

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Why you’re right and everyone else is wrong...

This might sound awful, but I’m going to say it anyway: I love it when I’m right... Especially when everyone else is dead wrong. For example, when Matt and I started Crowdability, people said we were crazy. They said individual investors like you would never make money in this market.…

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Debunking Three Angel Investing Myths

Nearly three years ago, Matt and I set out on a mission: We aimed to teach everyday investors how to make money in early-stage investing. From the very beginning, naysayers said it couldn’t be done. Thankfully we ignored them. More than 100,000 investors have now subscribed to our free and…

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Venture Capitalism in a Nutshell

A Venture Capitalist (or, VC for short) is a professional investor that manages a venture fund. These funds are similar to Mutual Funds, but instead of investing in stocks, they invest in privately-held start-up companies. In exchange for investing in these start-ups before they become proven businesses, venture capitalists can…

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How I Made a Million Dollars in Three Weeks

Made might be the wrong word here. Raised is more like it. You see, when Matt and I first launched Crowdability, we raised $1 million from investors to help grow our business. From start to finish, it took us 21 days to pull together the entire investment. Relatively speaking, that’s…

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