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Could Elon Create the “iPhone Killer”?

You Saw it on “Star Wars” — Now It’s Here for Real From lightsabers to robots, magical objects from “Star Wars” have started to appear in the real world. Recently, another one made its debut. Check it out » This is How You’d Look as an Egyptian Pharoah Ever wonder…

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Crazy New Tech: A Big Yellow School Bus with Wings

[Video] The Battle of the Bots! Tesla just unveiled its humanoid robot. But how does it compare to the life-like robot Boston Dynamics has been developing? See for yourself » “Ice Bucket Challenge” Leads to a Potentially Game-Changing Drug Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? It aimed to raise awareness of…

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Darth Vader Just Joined a Startup

This Happy Meal Is NOT for Kids Kids have been enjoying Happy Meals from McDonald’s for decades. But sorry, kiddies. McDonald’s latest Happy Meal is for adults only. Get the scoop » A Wheel Spontaneously Rolled Uphill — Wait, What?! We didn’t think the wheel needed reinventing. Then we saw…

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Giant Panther Set Loose at NFL Game

Get Paid $1,300 to Watch Movies How scary are the scariest horror movies? One company intends to find out. That’s why it’s searching for someone to be its “Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst.” Interested? » Boost Your Productivity by Being Lazy Inc. Magazine recently surveyed CEOs of America’s fastest-growing companies…

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This Simple Trick Keeps Away Intruders

Amazon Buys a Piece of Facebook Amazon just acquired one of Facebook’s side businesses. But it didn’t buy it to get into the social media business. It’s shooting higher with its aspirations. Get the scoop here » A Second Life for Startups Remember Theranos, Coolest Cooler, or Juicero? These overhyped…

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Amazon Prepares for Weed Delivery

An Invisible Sculpture Just Sold for $18,000 An Italian work of art just fetched a five-figure price. What’s so special about it? Hard to say… considering nobody can see it. Art is weird » This Candy is Great for Your Teeth Parents just can’t catch a break today. In the…

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Amazon Can't Stop Spying on You

Defend Your Home with Glitter Bombs “Porch thieves” love swiping packages from your doorstep. But now there’s a creative way to fight back. Get the scoop » Use This AI Technology to Land a Promotion Remember the name “Nemesysco.” It’s an Artificial Intelligence startup. And its technology might very well…

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Charge Your iPhone with Your Body

The Hottest Airplane Seat in 2021 First class? Nope. Exit row for more leg space? Not even close. To see the most requested seat on your next flight, click here » You’ll Never Buy These Amazon Products Amazon just announced three new products. But it’s not likely you’ll get your…

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Your Empty Amazon Boxes Can Fuel Your Car

This Device Can Put an End to Nightmares A new device just got clearance from the FDA, and it could put an end to night terrors. See how here » Get Free McRibs from McDonalds Want to score some free fast food? You can — but you’ll have to be…

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Military Enlists Thousands of Robotic Soldiers

Don’t Fall for this “Stimulus Check” Scam The latest scam from cyber-criminals might tempt you: the promise of a $1,200 stimulus check. But whatever you do, don’t fall for it. Learn more here » Today’s Trash Is Tomorrow’s Booze A British brewer is creating craft beer from stuff you can…

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