New Study: Heavy Drinking Leads to a Better Life

A Small Town in Mississippi Is Replacing Hollywood Forget Hollywood. A small town in Mississippi is quickly becoming a movie maker’s most sought-after destination. Learn why here » Sorry, Parents — You’re Wrong About Video Games For years, parents have been telling their kids that playing video games was going…

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Caught naked!?

Warren Buffett often shares this pearl of wisdom: “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Meaning, you really don’t know how well or how poorly a company is doing until it’s faced with a major challenge. Well, given the challenges the world is facing…

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Learn Spanish and Make 10x Your Money

My son just turned three and he already speaks better Spanish than I do. To be fair, he has two secret weapons. The first is the sponge-like brain of a toddler. The second is my wife — she’s a native Spanish speaker, and she only speaks Spanish to him. I’ve…

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[Breaking] A "Secret Society" Discovered Inside the Pentagon

Traveling This Weekend? These “Gas Hacks” Can Save You Money Nearly 40 million Americans will be traveling out of town this weekend. But far fewer will take advantage of these clever “gas hacks.” Will you be one of them? » A Tracking Device Where?!? As you probably know, smartphones can…

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Retire from just ONE Investment

Editor's Note: Matt is traveling for the rest of this week. So today, we’ll be re-publishing a popular article from our archives. This is a natural follow-up to Wayne's article from last week, where he introduced you to the concept of a “Venture Capital Fund.” Enjoy! Two weeks before we started…

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It's Surprisingly Easy to Steal a Tesla

R.I.P. Your Passwords “Big tech” is committed to getting rid of passwords once and for all. So how will you keep your accounts safe? Find out here » A “Doorway” to Aliens? While patrolling the surface of Mars, a NASA rover discovered a shadowy, rectangular opening. Is it a natural…

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The Perfect Investment?

I get it. I really do. Finding winning investments is tough in this environment. But I know of an investment that’s not just a winner… it’s close to perfect. Historically, it’s been off-limits to almost everyone but the ultra-rich. But not anymore. Let me tell you about it. Like a…

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A Secret Hack to Prevent Heart Attacks?

The Man Who Tattooed Elon Musk’s Face onto His Body It’s one thing to be a fan of Elon Musk. It’s quite another to get his face tattooed onto your body. Check it out » Did China Just Challenge America? China is building a massive new source for clean energy.…

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Unlock $144,000 in "Hidden Income"

Yesterday, Matt filled you in on a certain situation — a situation we believe poses enormous risk to your financial security: Inflation. As he explained, at current inflation levels, not only is your existing cash getting crushed… But over time, your retirement account could lose over 75% of its value.…

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