The Path to Billion Dollar Valuations

By Ben Schott, on Friday, June 20, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Use Equity Crowdfunding To Invest in Sports

It's not just baseball cards, signed jerseys, or owning the team anymore. Learn about a new crowdfunding platform taking the field.

Kickstarter Hits $1 Billion in Funded Projects 

Crowdability focuses on equity-based crowdfunding, but we’re thrilled about rewards-based Kickstarter’s news: $1 billion from nearly 6.5 million individual contributors. Alternative financing is here to stay, folks. Read about it here. 

Tasty Start-Up Investing

Circle Up, one of the platforms we cover here at Crowdability, is getting great press lately. What makes them different? Their focus on consumer goods like foods and beverages. But the differences don't end there.

Start-Up Offers $20,000 for New Recruits

In an industry where top engineers are treated like gold, attracting tech talent can be an all-out war. ThoughtSpot, a new start-up, has a blunt approach to winning: cash. Check it out.

What The Heck is a Seed Round Anyway?

Ever been confused about the difference between a "Seed round," a "Series A," and a "Series B"? A wise and influential VC named Fred Wilson shares his thoughts and presents it in an easy-to-understand way here. 

The Path to Billion Dollar Valuations

When a company announces an IPO, people tend to focus on the current state of the company. What’s even more interesting? The path it took to get there. 

Proposed Rules Would Clip Angel Investors' Wings

If recent legislation moves forward, investors will need to show annual income of $450,000, or a net worth of $2.5 million, to get involved in start-ups. What the what?? Get the details. 

The Rise of Early Stage Venture Capital 

Seed funding by angels and venture firms is having a major impact on the eco-system. See what's behind the surge.


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