CNBC: Social Security Fund Is Almost Exhausted

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

See the news last week?

The Social Security Administration just released its annual report…

And it’s projecting that funding for your retirement benefits will be exhausted by 2033.

Furthermore, the situation seems to be deteriorating. That’s why the Administration keeps changing the date that funds are expected to be depleted:

Originally it said 2035. Then it said 2034. Now it’s saying 2033 — and it’s not making any promises that the date won’t get changed again.

Today, we’ll take a look at this retirement crisis…

Then we’ll show you some solutions that could save you from it.

A Dangerous Environment

Last week, Wayne and I gave you a quick snapshot about the current situation in the market.

In short, two things are going on.

1. Stocks are at all-time highs. Many indicators are flashing danger signs. That’s why so many experts are predicting a crash. In fact, as the Dow tumbled 970 points on Monday to its session-low, many of those experts said the pain was just beginning.

How bad could it get? Well, as I explained last week, based on the Buffett Indicator, you could potentially see up to 50% of your nest-egg get wiped out in a flash.

2. Inflation just became a major problem. The government’s money-printing machine has been working non-stop lately. That’s why inflation’s rocketed above 5%.

At that rate, the cost of goods and services increases by about 4x every 20 years. And that means your retirement nest-egg will be worth just 25% what you thought it would be worth.

This is terrifying. Imagine that you finally retire — and then you find out that you need to go back to work.

Traditional “Safety Nets” Are Nowhere To Be Found

In more normal times, we had reliable “safety nets” we could fall back on.

For example, we could rely on Social Security.

But as CNBC just reported, a survey by Nationwide found that 71% of Americans are afraid that Social Security will “run out” in their lifetimes.

And they should be afraid…

As you just learned, funding for your retirement benefits will soon be exhausted.

Furthermore, all the traditional “tricks” to generate income just don’t work right now.

For example:

  • Once you factor in inflation, the returns from bonds are negative.
  • The returns from REITs are pathetic.
  • And with the risk of a crash coming, even dividend stocks aren’t secure.

Under-the-Radar Solutions

As you can see, this is unlike anything we've had to contend with before.

Inflation is eating away at your wealth…

Safety nets like Social Security are crumbling…

And traditional strategies to generate income just aren’t working right now.

In the coming years, this could leave millions of hardworking Americans screwed.

Friends — if you want a way out of this crisis, you need to think differently.

To set yourself up for financial freedom during your retirement, you need to identify some untraditional strategies — strategies that work regardless of what’s happening with the stock market or Social Security.

And tomorrow, Wayne's going to give you the chance to do just that.

So stay tuned…

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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