IPO Alert: Two Ways to Play It

Just a few hours from now, the biggest U.S. tech IPO of the year will get priced… And tomorrow, it will start trading. According to The New York Times, it could "rank among the 10 biggest-ever stock market debuts of an Internet company." If all goes well, it could raise nearly $1…

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2015 Forecast: Growth Sectors

Matt and I have a year-end tradition: On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, while our NYC office is still quiet, we sit in the lounge chairs by our big, south-facing windows... As we gaze over lower Manhattan towards the Statue of Liberty, we ask ourselves an important question about the year…

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Surprising Way to Triple Your Dividends

Many risk-averse investors seek out the stability of big, recession-proof brands… Brands like McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) or Burger King (NYSE: BKW). These stocks may help you sleep at night, but they sure don’t offer much yield: Dividends from Burger King are less than 1%… And “high-yielding” McDonald’s offers just 3.5%.…

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19% Yields in Real Estate?

Imagine owning a luxury hotel, just blocks from the Freedom Tower in downtown New York City. Or owning high-end luxury condos in Midtown East, right near the United Nations. Imagine the joy you’d feel in owning a piece of Manhattan… And the pleasure you’d get by earning double-digit yields. Nice fantasy,…

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The Absolute Best Way to Invest in Stocks

Wall Street is dying... Big brokers like Morgan Stanley are being replaced by more efficient alternatives, and traditional investments like stocks and bonds are falling by the wayside. It began with companies like E-Trade introducing online trading... And you can see it today as Peer-to-Peer Lending and Equity Crowdfunding find their…

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Free Report: How To Earn 93% Per Year

Imagine earning 93% annual returns… In ten years, that would turn $10,000 into more than $7 million… Sound impossible? Today, we’ll introduce you to an investor in the private market who’s done it. Even more importantly, we’ll show you how you can invest alongside him… Spotted In Our Weekly “Deals Digest”…

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Marijuana: The Next $100 Billion Market

2012 was an historic year. Not only was the JOBS Act passed, setting the stage for all citizens to invest in private equity... But another set of groundbreaking laws was enacted as well – and they’ve led to the emergence of an exciting new $100 billion industry. This new industry could deliver…

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The Most Radical Crowdfunding Experiment Yet

Editor’s Note: Wayne and Matt are presenting at a big investing conference this week in Southern California: While they’re busy spreading the equity crowdfunding gospel, our Publisher has offered to step in and share the below opportunity with you. Enjoy.  We have a motto around here: Try to do well… but…

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"Boring" Investments Deliver Big Gains

We often write about exciting technologies... About companies that can change the world: Robotic exoskeletons, 4D Printing, drones – ideas that get the heart pumping. But the fact is, you don’t need to invest in “cutting edge” technologies to earn big returns in the private stock market. Sometimes, “boring” companies…

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