How to Save Our Dying Country

Before the U.S.A. even came into existence, entrepreneurship defined its culture. European settlers journeyed here to start fresh... Pioneers pushed westward to stake their claims... And nowadays, tech entrepreneurs flock to Silicon Valley to pursue world-changing ideas. Entrepreneurship is the original American Dream, and it’s created one of the most…

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Invest in the Next Ben & Jerry's

They say you should invest in what you know and love. “Well,” you might say jokingly, “I know and love food. Does that count?” Funny you should ask… Foods and Beverages as Start-Ups Food and beverage products can be great investments. Once upon a time, Naked Juice was a tiny start-up.…

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How To Get a 10x Return

Let’s play a quick round of “Which Investment Is Less Risky?” Here are your choices: Start-up A: 7 years in business. Millions in revenue. Current value of $10 billion. Start-up B: 1 year of business. Hardly any revenue. Current value of $1 million. OK, so which investment is less risky?…

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Matching (Or Beating) The Pros

Rule #1 for investing in start-ups? Diversification. If you’re properly diversified, we believe you can earn the same level of returns as professional angel investors. Last week, I discussed this belief with Dr. Richard Swart, the head of UC Berkeley’s crowdfunding research initiative. As we traded points of view, Dr.…

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Own a Piece of the Red Sox?

Picture your favorite sports team. Now imagine that you’re sitting on your couch, browsing their website before a game… When suddenly you see that you can buy a piece of the team! You wouldn’t just be a fan anymore… you’d be an owner. You’d probably become even more passionate. I’ve been a New…

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