The Next Bull Market Starts Here

For more than a century, the "king makers" of Wall Street have been behind every major bull market. It’s a simple game: First a group of elite financiers determines which sector they’ll “bless” next… Then they pour in their money and corner the market… And finally — once the rest of…

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Plane Drops $368 Million from the Sky

Why Is Google in Your Bathroom? Some say Google’s recent decision to invite itself into your bathroom is horrifying. But this invasion of privacy could actually save your life. To learn why, click here » Guess this $2.3 Billion Sport… A beautiful new multi-million dollar stadium is being constructed in…

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The "Trump Method" for Building Your Nest Egg

Our President is a controversial and polarizing figure. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the man. Even something as quantifiable as his net worth is up for debate. According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission, Trump is worth $8.7 billion... However, according to Forbes, his net…

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Internet of Things: Where the "Smart" Money Is Going

A few years ago, my wife and I got really smart. Actually, we didn’t get smart. Our house did. First we installed the Nest thermostat. This “smart” device learned the temperatures that we like — seventy-three degrees in the morning, sixty-five at night, fifty-eight when we’re away — then it…

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You're Being Watched — and not just by Facebook

[VIDEO] Roller-Skating Robot to the Rescue  Researchers in Zurich have taught a robot how to roller skate. To find out why — and to see how this robot could potentially save millions of lives — click here » “Waiter, There’s Something in My Drink” Printing images onto a sheet of…

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The Real Russian Threat

While the media continues to focus on Russian election interference — and whether there was “collusion” — it’s missing a bigger and far more important story. You see, no matter who knew what, or who was colluding with whom, Russia has thrown down the gauntlet: It’s declared war on the…

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Trade War for China, Profits for You

President Trump is pissed off about our country’s trade deficit. He wants there to be consequences for other country’s anti-competitive practices and intellectual property violations. So, a few weeks ago, he threw down the gauntlet and announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. His actions appear to target our largest…

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Wow! U.S. Military Declassifies Footage of UFO

Dating by DNA A new start-up is taking an interesting approach to help find your one true love. All you need to do is provide a sample of your DNA. Could your genes lead you to happily-ever-after? » How to Use Sugar as Rocket Fuel “How much sugar would it…

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Turn a Massive Loss into a 142,000% Profit

In just a few days, one of the world’s largest private tech start-ups will go public. The major financial outlets are very bullish on the deal — for example: The Street says this company is “Poised to Have a Robust IPO”... And Seeking Alpha says this event is a big…

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Is this the Key to Curing Cancer?

Each year, cancer kills more than 8 million people worldwide. And according to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 40% of us will be diagnosed with some form of this disease during our lives. But what if we could outsmart it? Given what’s at stake, identifying a cure would be one…

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