This Tech Start-up Is Run by 12-Year-Olds

Why You Might Attract the Cops Forget bombs and drugs — these days, police dogs are trained to sniff for something far more common. In fact, you probably have one in your pocket right this second » How Much?! A small object that most of us take for granted just sold…

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Could This Start-up Put Elon Musk in the Poor House?

Elon Musk, the high-profile founder and CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), is worth an estimated $20 billion… But we just discovered a tiny start-up that could leave him flat broke! This is bad news for Musk — but it’s fantastic news for investors like you and me. Let me explain… The Space…

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Turn $1,000 into $4 Million With One Real Estate Deal?

The Wall Street Journal just did a story about a remarkable real estate investment… If you’d gotten in on this deal, in just eight years, you’d have turned every $1,000 you invested into $4 million. That’s an annual profit of about 182% per year. That would be an amazing return…

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Google's Giving Away $3 Billion!

Investment bank Morgan Stanley just did something very peculiar: It told Google to give away one of its “smart speakers” to everyone in America — for free. The cost of this giveaway? About $3 billion. For the last hundred years, CEOs from top companies have relied on Morgan Stanley not…

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Get Ready for the "Bitcoin Bounce"

It’s been a brutal six months for crypto-currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other cryptos have gotten crushed, falling 70% or more from their peaks. But everything is about to change... You see, we believe we’ve already hit rock bottom. And now — just like it’s happened 12 times before — cryptos…

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Move to this Tiny Town and Get $500 per Month

The World’s First “Floating Country” Imagine living on a tropical island, with no concerns about paying taxes or following the law. If this sounds like a dream come true, you might want to check this out » From $31 Billion to Bankrupt? By enabling ordinary people like us to rent…

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Three Keys to "Bitcoin Bear Market" Profits

Yesterday, Matt showed you three ways to profit from the “bitcoin bear market”… But he also explained why, for many investors, these strategies may not work. So today, I’ll you show you a bear market strategy that anyone can use to earn big returns. Bargain-Basement Prices… What Should You Do?…

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