This Drug Could Help You Win the Lottery

Amazon Giving Away Free “Echo” Speakers Forget fans and mini-fridges — today’s college dorms come equipped with the latest technology gear. Warning: clicking here might make you wish you were back in college » Walmart Partners with 6-Year-Old Entrepreneur On YouTube, an entrepreneur named Ryan draws billions of views for…

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NBA Players Could QUIT Because of One Ultra-Lucrative Investment

The world’s most successful athletes and entertainers are already rich… But now they’ve discovered an investment that’s so lucrative, they could quit their “day job.” For example, rumors have been swirling that Kobe Bryant will come out of retirement to play alongside LeBron James. But Kobe won’t do it — he’s…

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Easy 100% Profits Thanks to Apple's New iCar

11-Year-Old Girl Rigs Election Results It took an 11-year-old girl named Audrey just 10 minutes to hack into Florida’s “secure” website and change the election results. Could rigging a Presidential election be just as easy? Find out how she pulled it off » This Spider Can Perform Surgery on You…

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Warning: Ticking Time-Bomb Could Devastate Your Portfolio

Over the last year or so, I noticed something very strange… No matter how badly the market was getting beat up, a certain tech start-up kept reporting seemingly good news… First, its user base soared from 150,000 customers to 3 million… then its revenues ballooned to $30 million per month.…

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Earn 2,200% on This Cannabis Start-up — Even if Legalization Fails

I’ve seen a certain pattern happen time and again… And every time it happens, investors who know what to look for make out like bandits. Here’s how it works: First, a new high-growth industry emerges… Then, a specific type of investment opportunity presents itself… And finally, investors who recognize the…

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Breaking: Presidential Assassination Attempt by Drone

Google Is Using Mind Control Google’s artificial intelligence can finish your e-mails, anticipate what you’ll search for, even carry on a conversation. The thing is, all these conveniences are a step toward mind control — and we’ve taken the bait » Golfers Taken Hostage, Kidnappers Demand Bitcoin  Hackers recently infiltrated…

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End Washington's "Retirement Robbery" With One Click

Today I’m going to show you how to end Washington’s “Retirement Robbery” — and make 20x more money — with one click of your mouse button. I know that may sound hard to believe, but stick with me… Because by the end of today’s article, you’ll see that it’s absolutely…

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FAA Ready to Grant Tiny Start-up $127 Billion Monopoly

Picture this… You order a few things from Amazon (some lightbulbs and batteries, maybe some cookies), and just ten minutes later, you get a notification that your delivery has arrived. So you step out your front door, look up — and there, hovering like a metallic hummingbird, is a flying machine…

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