Your Tax-Free Profit Plan

I’ll never forget my first “winning” angel investment... I owned just a small stake in the company, and hadn’t been an investor in it for long, but my profits added up to six figures. I was thrilled with the outcome… until April 15th rolled around. That’s when Uncle Sam came…

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Why the Fed Rate Hike is GOOD For You

After nearly eight years of cutting interest rates, the Fed finally hit us with a rate hike yesterday. Many investors are wary of higher interest rates, and understandably so: When money becomes more expensive, businesses (and stock prices) tend to suffer. In fact, historically, whenever the Fed has raised rates,…

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Become the Smartest Investor in the Room

Last weekend, I went on a family trip up the coast of Maine—there’s nothing quite like New England in the fall. Early one evening, over a cold beer and a hot cup of clam “chowdah,” we started chatting about the recently announced merger between Dell and EMC. Given that Dell…

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Tech Glitch Hands You Double-Digit Gains

First, a warning: This is going to be a little different than usual... You see, nine times out of ten, when Crowdability writes about technology, we focus on all the things that could go right— From how technology can help solve major problems around the world, to how it can…

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What To Do During a Market Crash

Markets don’t just go up, or just go down… As they reminded us this past week, they go up and down. The ups and downs are part of a never-ending cycle—which presents a challenge when you’re trying to maintain or build your wealth. Historically, unless you’re ultra-wealthy, your options for…

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The #1 Question to Ask Before You Invest

17 years ago, a start-up called Kozmo offered consumers something they’d never experienced before: One-hour delivery of just about anything you could imagine. Need a couple of aspirin or a new hairdryer? You got it. How about a soy latte from Starbucks? On its way. But in the span of…

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Drug Dealers Give Investing Advice

A massive market bursting with profits... Aggressive competition... And an entrepreneur who’s putting it all on the line. You might think I’m referring to corporate warfare—but I’m not: I’m talking about the world of drug dealing. But the interesting thing is this: By observing one world, you can learn what…

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